Host a Comment Writing Party

The Department of Education has issued their proposed rules on Title IX. Now it’s time to take action through notice and comment.

Notice and comment is an elitist process that favors well-resourced organizations– not those typically utilizing Title IX. But that’s okay; we’re here to help! Below are the steps and resources you need to host event with your friends, family, clubs, or co-workers.

Check out our Notice and Comment 101 video to learn more.

Want to host a comment writing party? Here’s everything you need:

First, Identify your coalition (who do you want to write your comment with?)

Identify who you want to write your comment with. Are you a part of a club or huddle group that would be interested in doing this together? Reach out to your people and identify who wants to join you. Law students can also be helpful when writing a successful comment. Reach out to law students on your campus, or contact and we can connect you with a law student.

Next, Find a location

Find a place and time that works for you. You can host a small event with your friends in your home, or find a larger venue for your club or group.

Then, Get others involved

Spread the word! The more people writing strong comments, the better. We want to make sure the Department of Education hears from as many young people as possible! Create Facebook events, or send out emails to others that may be interested in taking action. Also share the event with us so we can share it on our social as well!

Materials you will need:

Writing an effective comment can be made easier for you and your fellow writers by these resources:

  • Know Your IX’s “Notice and Comment 101” two-pager is a quick and easy resource to ensure everyone understands how to write a powerful comment.

  • Know Your IX’s training video:

  • If you’re interested in direct support from KYIX we would be happy to come to your event or video call in! We are here to support your event in whatever way you need.  

If you are interested in having a member of KYIX or a law student present at the start of the event to answer questions, email us at

Information and resources provided by Know Your IX