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Betsy DeVos and the Trump Administration have issued proposed rules on Title IX that would be harmful to students survivors and make campuses more dangerous, you can read the full text here. In order to make these proposed rules legally binding, the Department must go through a process known as "notice-and-comment," which allows members of the public to voice their opinions on the Department's proposed rules. The comment period will reopen for 24 hours on Friday, February 15.

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Don’t have time to read 149 pages? We broke down the 9 most important parts of the rule for you here.

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Then, learn more about the notice and comment process:

For a quick run down on Title IX and the notice-and-comment process, download our toolkit here.

Want to learn more about what notice-and-comment is and how it works? Check out this 5 minute video from Know Your IX.

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